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Your 2019 Ticket includes all of the following for one price!

First park in our FREE parking lot and your adventure may just begin. Sometimes the creatures wander out of our containment and into the parking lot to mess with guests.

Next walk through our new entrance down the long creepy path to the all new FEAR FARM MIDWAY.

The MIDWAY features the ticket booth, music, carnival games, carnival foods, picnic tables, restrooms, an escape room, the new putt putt course, lots of roaming characters and photo ops and the attraction entrance!

Take your picture with your favorite Fear Farm character at the Photo Op area where our monsters will appear at different times throughout the night for photos with guests.

Enter into the Ringmaster's Circus Academy.
This attraction is an all new twist to a haunted attraction. Enroll in a demented clown school to learn the art of their craft. Go through an indoor/outdoor maze, tour the backstage of the "Not so greatest show on earth" dressing rooms, and go through the Carnival midway. Just beware, these clowns might not be on this campus just to make you smile.

Once you have your courage, enter into the complete darkness in an updated attraction for 2019 called the Abyss. Beware: The Fear Farm has hired a new extermination company because the critters, rodents, and insects that have taken residence in the abyss for this season....we think they may have gotten the problem taken care of....maybe.

Navigate your way into a series of tight twists and turns in complete darkness, into and out of pitch black caverns, and just hope you don't run into anyone or anything that might have taken up residence inside The Abyss.

Blacksburg, SC is also called “iron city” for its iron mines that drew people to the town for many years. When these mining companies moved out they left many abandoned mine shafts around the area deep in the woods. We finally have government permission to take groups under ground and into one of these abandoned mine shafts. Just Beware....nobody can hear your muffled screams under ground and we aren’t so sure it was ever truly abandoned.

Dr Feelgood was once an accomplished children’s dentist. He owned practices in multiple states and was known for his unique gas that he developed to put children to sleep. That is until one day when he decided to change his formula. The terrified patients screaming while under his new gas formula made him happier than fixing their dental problems. He decided it was best to just accept walk ins from now on (you the customer) because he and his friendly staff still love teeth. Now he likes big teeth and especially likes creative dental surgery. You know the DRILL, come see Dr. Feelgood at The Fear Farm.

Lastly but not least, enter The Farm House. The Fagan Family was once a prominent family in town in the 1940s and had lots of land, a healthy farm, and caring family. That all changed when children were born. The parents were very embarrassed by the looks of their children and tried to hide them inside when people from the town would come by. One night neighbors called the sheriff saying they had heard loud screams but nobody ever saw the farmer and his wife again. If you’re brave enough, walk through their family graveyard and into their house. Beware that this family tree now only has one branch.....and whoever is inside has been inside for a LONG time. Are you their cousin??

Can you Escape the haunted Fear Farm hotel??
You have 5 minutes to solve the riddles and clues and escape through the service elevator! Only $5!

Test your skill in a 9 hole freak show themed mini golf course. You can play while you wait for your group to be called or after you’ve gone through the attractions. Fun for the entire family for only $3 a player.

On your way back out to the parking lot, you will pass the ALL NEW FEAR FARM GIFT SHOP with all types of new FEAR FARM swag. You asked for more, so we gave it. We now have T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Beanies, Toboggans, and more. So don't leave without picking up something of your own.

Haunted Attraction

Regular Admission
Buy 3 get one Free

All Fridays and Saturdays 7:00-11:30pm
Sunday/Halloween- 7:00-10:00pm

NC Haunted House