• Scariest Haunted House Upstate SC & Charlotte NC
  • 424 Ninety-Nine Island Road Blacksburg, SC 29702

SC Fear Farm Awaits You!

The Fear Farm Voted Scariest Haunted House 14 Years in a Row!

Gastonia's Haunted Guide: SC Fear Farm Awaits!

Date: 2024-03-14

Gastonia knows Haunted House Fun!  Where secrets lie, and adventurous souls seek out their nightmares. In the small town of Blacksburg SC, SC Fear Farm is an attraction that will scare thrill-seekers from not-so-faraway places. When darkness falls, and the moon rises, it’s time to journey through dark history. SC Fear Farm represents the city's love for the paranormal. It has vast grounds and an ominous frontage that lures anyone who dares enter. Named the best-haunted house in the area, 14 years running, they promise to bring a unique experience. But what lies inside its old walls? And what awaits those who dare? Pass through SC Fear Farm’s entrance if you dare! Prepare yourself for darkness and misery at every corner, waiting to take your breath away. Inhale that thick anticipation while listening for any echo of steps from behind or above you.  But remember not to fear too much, as SC Fear Farm is more than just a haunted house. It is also an immersive Haunted experience close to Gastonia, NC! Such as ghost apparitions lurking throughout the property. For those who are determined or just curious about these things, something will scare you down to your core.

Now, let’s explore what lies beyond those walls… The horrors of SC Fear Farm extend past their doors, calling those from Gastonia who dare. A place where tragedy meets betrayal or maybe even unspeakable evil things are happening each Fall night! From ghosts to spirits that haven’t found peace since they died centuries ago to 7 Witch Sisters who live in the deep dark woods, hopefully, they don't spot you.

So why wait? Embark on your haunting adventure this season by visiting SC Fear Farm and exploring these chilling mysteries yourself! Whether you're seeking thrills or chills or want a night filled with stories - we've got you covered with a short drive from Gastonia! Don’t worry about coming alone, but do remind yourself once again... Once you enter SC Fear Farm, there’s no turning back.