The safety of our guests has always been the #1 priority of The Fear Farm crew. This year is no different!

The only thing we love more than terrifying our customers are our customers themselves. We have always been committed to appreciating that our customers come from all backgrounds, walks of life, political parties, etc. and we want everyone to have a great time at The Fear Farm! We understand people feel very differently than one another when discussing the current Covid pandemic. We believe it is every customer’s right as a US citizen to make the choice to enjoy a great Halloween attraction with their family and friends this fall season. We also believe that it is our right as property and business owners to be able to provide a fun and safe opportunity for our guests.

To sum it up… is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to look after yourself and your group by whatever means you feel necessary. You ultimately have the choice to wear a mask, gloves, eye protection, none of the above, all of the above, or decide not to even participate in our event. We hope you make the decision to come out and see us!


  1. 1. Capacity can be reduced/managed to allow for appropriate social distancing. We are encouraging guests to purchase tickets online using our timed ticketing system so that we can limit the number of guests per hour. This is not required as we will still have full service ticket booth on site to accept walk up guests.

  2. 2. Exposure time in our attractions are extremely short. Guests move through our attractions at their own pace, but never stop at a single location, elbow-to-elbow, for an extended period of time especially with anyone that is not in their group.

  3. 3. Most customers come in groups and therefore individuals do not have to be social distanced. If your group doesn’t wish to be added to another group just let the attendant know and we will accommodate your wishes.

  4. 4. We have portable toilets that we will try to sanitize the best we can throughout the night. We have multiple hand washing stations as well as hand sanitizer stations but we still recommend the use of bathrooms be limited.


  • We will be encouraging social distancing with markers throughout our queue lines. (These are for groups to stay distanced and not individuals). **YOU WILL ONLY BE IN A SHORT QUE LINE OF A FEW GROUPS AS YOU WILL BE ABLE TO STAND ON THE MIDWAY TO WAIT FOR YOUR GROUP NAME TO BE CALLED.

  • Masks are NOT REQUIRED at THE FEAR FARM. However, we do recommend them while standing in certain parts of the queue lines where social distancing can sometimes be difficult and you are permitted to wear them while going through our attractions. For those who have already asked….YES….we will also have stylish Fear Farm masks for sale at the gift shop if you wish to purchase them on site.

  • ALL Fear Farm staff members will go through a health screening each night before beginning. This includes a temperature check, symptom check, and questions regarding recent contact(s) and/or where they have traveled. If employees do not pass health screening, they will not be allowed to work until they have received a negative test and/or it has been at least 14 days

  • 1. All costumes, masks, makeup/special FX applicators, and any accessories that our actors touch will be disinfected each day night after use and again during the day before opening

  • 2. Group size and space between groups will be altered and adjusted properly to maintain optimal group distancing. We will allow groups to enter together that came together. Others who do not wish to be paired with another group may go in a group alone to maintain social distancing.

  • 3. There are hand sanitizer stations setup at both main entrances as well as one on the midway. We invite all guests to use this before, during, and/or after their experience using their own judgement.

  • 4. All indoor areas of the haunted houses and any commonly touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected each day before opening and throughout each night of operation to include the portable toilets.

  • 5. Our midway has been expanded to allow extra room to space out while groups are waiting to be called. All groups are encouraged to use the new for 2020 TIMED TICKETING option and book online to minimize contact at the ticket booth, tickets, and allow a controlled number of people to be on site for parking/que lines etc. Customers who come to the ticket booth will still be allowed to purchase tickets and will still be allowed to social distance on the midway


We want everyone on our property to feel safe, have fun, and be scared! Its up to your judgement as to how far you want to go to ensure your peace of mind. One thing is for certain…..The Fear Farm will be here waiting on you with an even bigger and better show than ever before!

Thank you and see you soon!!!
Matt Davis, Owner/Creator Fear Farm

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