• Scariest Haunted House Upstate SC & Charlotte NC
  • 424 Ninety-Nine Island Road Blacksburg, SC 29702

Meet the Characters

The Fear Farm Voted Scariest Haunted House 14 Years in a Row!

Meet the Characters


Patch is one of the Fear Farm’s newest creations. Billy T. Goat planted a pumpkin patch last October. Beatrice made a special potion to turn one pumpkin into a human. The potion didn’t come out quite right. Instead…a half pumpkin, half creature grew from the ground. The results were terrifying and we are still aren’t exactly sure what this thing eats. You can find Patch on the midway, in the woods, or anywhere on the farm.

After all its The Fear Farm, “Where Fear Grows!”

Fear Farm Character Patch
Fear Farm Character Beatrice


The Head witch of the Coven. She is legally blind but yields extraordinary powers. She can absorb all of the powers of her other sisters, combining their strengths. She controls every move in the woods and always has a blind eye on Fear Farm guests. She can most often be found on the midway and in the woods.

Billy T. Goat

Billy T. Goat has been the lead caretaker of The Fear Farm since day 1. He was hired by Matt, the owner, to look after the whole place. You can find him most often on the midway and going Facebook live. He’s not a very scary character, however he has been known to go on an occasional rage with an axe or pitch fork.

Fear Farm Character Billy T. Goat
Fear Farm Character Kingpin


“Benny" Hargrove was a man who grew up in the shadows of the big top. Born into a family of circus performers, his life was a constant whirlwind of travel and pressure to perform from a young age. His parents were both renowned trapeze artists and had little time for their son, leaving him to raised by the eclectic mix of performers who made up his circus family. Gideon, a washed up circus clown took “Benny” under his wing and taught him the art of making people laugh and smile and how to put on clown makeup. Young Benny’s talent blossomed and he took the new stage name of “Kingpin the clown”. Audiences loved Kingpin, but the new Ringmaster had other plans. He wanted to modernize the circus and do away with clowns. Feeling discarded and abandoned again, Kingpin took the stage one final time. In his clown makeup with a smile he brutally murdered the ringmaster and other performers who he felt had wronged him, all in front of a live audience. He disappeared into the night, but the legend and urban myth of Kingpin was born. To some, he is a nightmare; to others, like Gideon, a dark avenger who brings justice for the small guy, all while wearing a sinister smile. You can find him on the midway or hanging out with twisty and his friends.

Just whatever you do….don’t bring up the ringmaster!

The Inmate

Sentenced to a life of torture, Inmate 13 has become the Wardens friend and foe. One day they are best friends, the next day they are plotting the death of the other. One thing is for sure….there are more than a few screws loose in the brain of inmate 13.

Fear Farm Character The Inmate
Fear Farm Character The Warden

The Warden

Once “Warden of the year” in nearby Charlotte NC, Colonel Jack Parker was regarded as the most strict rule follower of all…..until the accident. The state of NC banned him so he moved south of the border to here in Blacksburg, SC. The criminally insane he keeps an eye on now can’t tell the government exactly what he does and doesn’t do. Even if they did, nobody would believe them. You can find him and his staff in the attraction called Confinement. You may even be lucky enough to take part in one his famous human experiments.


Kletus was the youngest of 6 siblings. He was always a little “different” than the others and took the brunt of the family bullying. His dark tendencies began with trapping and killing small animals as a child, escalating to larger prey as he got older. One fateful day he returned from hunting to find his entire family brutally murdered. This horrific event sent Kletus over the edge and on a constant search for revenge. You can find him in and around the family farm house. You’ll know its him because he still wears the hand of his first human kill as a grim trophy and constant reminder that normal humans did this to his family.

Fear Farm Character Kletus
Fear Farm Character Twisty


Twisty has been illegally parking his ice cream truck around town for many years. He has finally settled for his forever home at The Fear Farm. Beware, he has lots of friends that work for him in the carnival business and they are after one main thing….you! Become a part of the circus forever or just enjoy a brief tour on his ice cream truck. Either way, you can find Twisty in his own attraction Twisty’s tricks and treats. Beware he has both tricks and treats up his cotton candy stained sleeves.