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Paranormal Nights

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Paranormal Nights

Paranormal Research and Investigation
Paranormal Nights

As far back as the 1910 census, the Parker family has lived and farmed on this very property located in Blacksburg, SC. Colonel Jack Parker had many children, and one them, Beatrice, and her husband W.C Davis purchased this land from her father in the 70s and started their own farm. Now the farm has been passed down to Beatrice son, Al and grandson, Matt Davis.

Matt grew up hearing the ghost stories and unexplainable events that have happened on his family farm and decided in 2011 to open The Fear Farm haunted house. During construction of the haunted house, there were many spirits and occurrences. Those types of unexplainable events have occurred frequently over the years. There have been many teams of paranormal investigators who have come to the property and always yielded lots of paranormal activity.

In 2022 Matt partnered with SCPRAI, or South Carolina Paranormal Research and Investigations, to send a very high tech and professional team into a few key “hot spot” areas. The amount of paranormal activity was even more than imagined. Due to the overwhelming response of how many people now wanted to come investigate, we have decided to host Paranormal Nights here on the farm and have partnered with SCPRAI so that guests can experience the most high tech equipment in a professional and haunted setting.

If you have ever wanted to go on a paranormal experience this is the event for you. The setting does take place in and behind the scenes of our haunted attraction, however this is NOT an actor driven or special effects tour. This is your group, your guides, equipment, and spirits. For actors and haunted house experience please come on our Fear Farm nights on weekends in Sept. and October.

  • How does this work?
    You and your group will book a time slot (online only). There are 2 time slots per night being the 7pm-9:15pm time slot and the 10:00pm-12:15am time slot. These times are the actual times that you will be conducting investigations. The investigation starts promptly at the start time so ARRIVE 30 MINUTES EARLY for your assigned time. This will allow for check in, rules, group assignment, and any other prep. USE THE BATHROOM BEFORE YOU COME! We do have a bathroom on the property but not near where the investigations take place. If you book together, you will be in the same group. Groups larger than 8 will be split into 2 groups. Each team will each investigate 4 “hot spots” for 30 minutes per spot and then rotate. This will be 2 hours straight of investigations. At the end we will have a debrief and discuss our findings.
  • Will this event sell out?
    Due to the number of people who inquire with both The Fear Farm and SCPRAI we do believe that this event will sell out each time, so if you see available tickets grab them. Once they are gone that will be it for the specified night.
  • Is this real? Or are you trying to trick us?
    There are no tricks, only treats. We at The Fear Farm and SCPRAI only present data, facts, sounds, etc. to you and your group that you will see in real time with us on the investigations. We do not try to convince you to believe or not to believe what we find. It is ultimately up to you as to what you want to gain from the experience. While we can not 100% guarantee paranormal interaction, we can guarantee professionalism and the latest, most high tech equipment in a truly haunted environment. This will give you the best chance at interacting with the paranormal without having to invest in thousands of dollars of equipment or trespassing on private property. (We have not done an investigation ever that yielded no activity)
  • How many people are in a group?
    We want keep the groups small and intimate. Due to the nature of the investigations and wanting to be able to see and hear, we are only allowing 8 people per group. There will be 4 groups (32 people total) investigating during each 2 hour time slot.
  • Do the groups have guides?
    Yes, due to group safety and the overall experience the Fear Farm and SCPRAI will provide at least 2 team members in each group. These team members will be responsible for the group for the 2 hour experience and also be in charge of all of the equipment that will be used during the investigations. Each team member is trained and seasoned in investigations as well as familiar with the property and best chances to interact with the paranormal.
  • Can we bring our own equipment?
    Absolutely! If you have your own paranormal equipment you are encouraged to bring it. The more the merrier!
  • What should we bring with us?
    We recommend at least 1 member in your group to bring a small handheld flashlight or head lamp. Due to being outside and in the woods, we recommend closed toe shoes and bug spray. If you have problems standing for long periods of time you may bring a folding chair. Picnic tables and seating will be provided outside of the investigation areas to ticket holders.
  • How much are tickets and what do the include?
    Tickets are $45 per person and includes a 2 hourand 15 minute investigation, 4-6 investigators per group of 8 people, equipment, parking, a bottle of water, and use of our premises for the investigation. All new for 2024 collectors PIN included only available to tour guests, as well as the opportunity to purchase a paranormal investigator shirt that only tour guides and guests can purchase.
  • How many nights a year do you do paranormal nights?
    Our goal is to keep the groups and number of nights low on this type of event to make it very exclusive. We only plan on 4 or 5 nights a year doing this type of experience so if you see ticket availability grab them!
  • Is there an age limit?
    Persons under 17 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult/guardian. One guardian can be responsible for 3 persons under 17. This is NOT recommended for children.