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  • 424 Ninety-Nine Island Road Blacksburg, SC 29702

The Coven

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The Coven

The Coven

In the woods and swamplands near Blacksburg, South Carolina, lived seven extraordinary sisters, each possessing unique magical abilities. The sisters were banned to live in the woods to an area nicknamed “The Coven” but were allowed to continue to run their bed and breakfast in the nearby town that you can visit today.

Beatrice, the head witch, was blind yet wielded incredible powers. She could absorb the magical essence of her sisters, becoming a conduit for their combined strengths. She is the brains and controller of the town and woods and can control her sisters every move.

Amy, donned in purple, compensated for her deafness with a heightened sense of smell and tracking abilities. Her hunting prowess made her a formidable force in the enchanted forest.

Gertrude, cloaked in shades of green, had a deep connection with nature. She could control vines, trees, plants, and brew potions. Her empathic abilities helped her understand the whispers of the woods.

Hildred, the oldest sister, who wears shades of blues, held the ancient spell book and possessed extensive knowledge of spells. She could control water and weather, wielding the power of the elements.

Marie, dressed in striking red and black, controls all spiders, reptiles, and insects. Despite her healing nature, her sisters envied her connection to humans as she was known for giving gifts and healing humans in need.

Elvie, in earthy tones of orange and brown, was the master of animals and beasts. Her zoopathy allowed her to communicate with creatures, making her the untamed heart of the sisterhood.

Louise, in blue and brown attire, had foresight and voice manipulation skills. She crafted elite elixirs, adding depth to the sisterhood's magical arsenal.

United in their woodland abodes, the sisters thrived, their magical bond strengthening with each passing day. Together, they navigated the challenges of the early 1900s, forging a legacy that would echo through the ages and keep them alive until this very day. Once you enter the Coven your every move will be watched. Will you be able to spot all 7 sisters in the deep dark woods before they spot you?