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Twisty'z Tricks & Treats

The Fear Farm Voted Scariest Haunted House 14 Years in a Row!

Twisty the clown

Twisty'z Tricks & Treats

For years, Twisty the clown has illegally parked his ice cream truck wherever he pleases. He has been banned from every city around for giving out his popsicles of poison. But now….He and his friends are bringing something much worse to The Fear Farm……a traveling carnival!

Take a walk through the circus tent of mayhem and carnival midway to be dazzled and amazed by circus freaks and clowns before making your way to board his very own famous ice cream truck. We would advise against taking ice cream, candy, popsicles, or any other item from anyone in this circus!!

Are you ready to let your fears be unleashed? We will give you two tips:
#1 Don’t ever look a crazy clown in the eyes and
#2 If you hear the clown horns, RUN!

Twisty the clown and his friends are here to “trick” and “treat” you to one of the best haunted houses near NC. The Fear Farm haunted house in SC is proud to present to you: Twistyz tricks and treats! You’ll laugh, cry, and hopefully get to meet the legend, Mr. Twisty himself!

Quit CLOWNING around and buy your tickets to The Fear Farm haunted house today! You’re in for a real “TREAT!”